Tribe of Wolves wrapped their arms around me
at just the right time in my life.

I was feeling depressed, lost, trapped, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, and generally ready to break down and run away from everything. With the help from the amazing Natalie, I realized I had the power within me to change what was making me unhappy, while strengthening my relationships with love.

We have work to do, woman.

Yes I am talking to you.


Tribe of Wolves is dedicated to sharing ideas, tools and a little badassery that will help the collective recognize our divine feminine power – and then go out into this mad world and create a lasting ripple effect of love, light and awesomeness.

    A practical, spiritual, love-pushing, straight-shooting, feminine woman.

    I know in my bones that every woman has within her a wild to share with the world.

     It is my mission to help her unleash it. This mad world needs us and I am here to make a difference.


    3 powerful medicinal herbs to plant right now

    In these 14 juicy minutes, I am talking with my dear friend and herbalist, Sharon Shiner, about 3 powerful herbs for women’s health that we can plant right now.

    i have a lot of feelings today

    I have so many feelings. So many. So many. So many. It’s like I have a bunch of rivers flowing through me, just beneath the surface of my skin – and they all have different widths and depths and colors and power.

    we are wildlife

    Yesterday I started to write a blog post about overwhelm. About how it feels when it all feels like it’s “too much”. This was always a theme of mine when I was in therapy.